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Tuv Certification Courses 3rd & 4th Jan 2015 - Safety System - Graduate Engineer Program Tuv Certification Courses 24th & 25th Jan 2015 - Insight of Functional Safety

Vision & Mission

We create a platform for our younger generation to achieve what they want and what they dream . We set a ladder for you to climb higher and higher. At NONC we provide executive facility to get mentored and to get consultation on various projects and technical challenges. We invite system integrators to participate in this as we believe in knowledge we share. Our blended training covers the areas of improvement:

What is this rung about ?

Spreading the wings of knowledge

» Organizing Lectures from people having Reputed Industry background on various technology. Presently offering Training on Functional Safety/ Industrial Cyber
    Security Essentials & Firewall/ Turbo Machinery/ Oil Automation Project life cycle/ SIS (Triconex) overview and PLC Programming.
» Identify unique topics that lay hidden within experienced people and share among all
» Increasing awareness on the latest trends and needs of a hiring company.
» We also visit institutions for knowledge sharing activities
» Offer expertise consultation on Functional Safety/ Industrial Cyber Security and Turbo-Machinery

Improve Competency
» Our primary aim is to shape Engineers and show them the right path forward…mostly in project world with various work processes.
» We provide flexibility to suite your requirement
      • You can shop your own lecture from the Menu and Combo offer from our web site.
      • All mentoring/ refreshers are on hourly basis. So you can structure & plan based on your requirement & convenience
» Target Small scale System Integrators and provide Professional Training & Counseling to Engineers
» We guide fresh Engineers in meeting interview objectives… career in the existing company.
» Develop Soft Skills - Identify and Tap the weak area - Create self identification

"We don’t say no to any Process safety / Network Security topic….just tell us and we will meet it….we are a glossary for Engineers"
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