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Tuv Certification Courses 3rd & 4th Jan 2015 - Safety System - Graduate Engineer Program Tuv Certification Courses 24th & 25th Jan 2015 - Insight of Functional Safety


  1. Q . What “ NONC” means?
NONC stands for Normally Open and Normally Closed. This is the switching fundamental used in ladder logic.
  1. Q . What is a Safety Instrumented System?

Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is basically used to implement safety functions. It is composed of combination of sensor, logic solver and final element. PLC is used as a logic solver for hazardous operation provided required safety standards like IEC61508/ IEC61511 are met.

  1. Q . How Functional Safety helps in Oil & Gas industry?

It is part of the overall safety relating to the process control system which directs the correct functioning of the SIS and other protection layers.

  1. Q . How SIS & Functional Safety is useful for my career enhancement?

In Process industry safety is given utmost priority, hence SIS and FSM is part of the qualification that any Automation or Oil & Gas sector will look out for. Process Safety trained engineers are highly respected in these industries as their job is to prevent catastrophe.

  1. Q . Why NONC is different from other centres?

NONC is the only exclusive academy for Instrumentation, Safety and Industrial Security, offering functional safety and Safety Instrumented System program. Individuals are trained and certified by the only TUV authorised Instructor in India and a certified SIS expert. It is also the only place where  state-of-the-art SIS is used to demonstrate and train engineers. The knowledge you get here is indispensable.

  1. Q . What more do we get from NONC?

NONC is a place for Automation Project, Process safety and risk consultation. NONC offers value added services that include placement assistance and referrals in oil and gas sector especially for Middle East and Africa.

  1. Q . What does NONC offer for Graduate Engineers?

NONC offersspecialist lecture by leading industry consultants from pioneer engineering colleges on request. Graduate Engineers Training program is conducted for final year and fresh engineers along with project guidance specifically for Instrumentation and Process.

  1. Q . How does Industrial Cyber Security Training differ from routine cyber security?

Industrial Cyber Security Training is offered on the basis of real time security essentials seen from an Industrial perspective rather than a routine training for individuals. These trainings are done by Industrial IT & Cyber Security specialist. We strongly believe that Safety and Security go  hand-in-hand for ensuring a threat free life, environment and asset.

  1. Q . Be a head turner – What does it mean?

Speciality course meant to raise an Engineer’s calibre in terms of professionalism, organisationalbehaviour and personality. We prepare you for an environment before you step in. We chisel you for the future to satisfy organizational demands.

  1. Q . How about cost and course duration?

Courses are offered only during the week ends. NONC is started as a service and tribute for Instrumentation/ Process Engineers, hence the charges are very nominal.

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