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Tuv Certification Courses 3rd & 4th Jan 2015 - Safety System - Graduate Engineer Program Tuv Certification Courses 24th & 25th Jan 2015 - Insight of Functional Safety

Graduate Engineer Program

» Applying Instrumentation & Control in Process Industry
» What does Control & Safety mean?
» Importance of Automation in Process Industry
» Basics of DCS, ESD, FGS, CCS, BMS, VMS
» What is our role as Engineers?

Industrial Basics
» Various Process involved in Oil & Gas (Unit Operations)
» Basics of Refinery (Crude Processing)
» Instrumentation & Control Parameters
» Understand Industrial Terminologies & Standards
» Overview of Shutdown Valve/ Control Valve/ Transmitter/ Types of Sensors etc.

Project Engineering
» Engineering work flow - Introduction
» How to analyse P&ID, Instrument Database, Wiring/ Loop Details etc.
» Brief Discussion on Project Life Cycle
» Project Milestones
» Engineering Design Deliverables (FDS, DDS, Power & Heat etc.)
System Engineering
» Basic Control System Architecture
» Basic Safety System Architecture
» Various Filed Interfaces - Inputs/ Outputs
» Panel/ Console - Hardware Design
» Safety System requirements (Failsafe/ Fault Tolerant) Redundancy/ Voting
» Relay Logic Basic Ladder design (Hardwired)
» Conversion of Ladder logic to Software programing
» What is Operator Interface? Graphical View
» Introduction to Alarm and Trip

Quality Control and Inspection
» What is Quality? How do we Assure & Control?
» Inspection & Testing

Plant Installation/ Commissioning

» What is site commissioning? Various Procedures and Precautions
» Various Procedures and Precautions Safety First

Professional Guidance & Behaviour

» Refer Soft Skill contents

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