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Professional Enhancement - We make people look at you!!!!

Professional Enhancement– Be a head turner!!!!
» Personality and Soft Skill requirement in a project oriented career
» Effective Communication - world looks at remote engineering
» Self Motivation and Learning over the fly
» How to improve your career within organization - Healthy competition
» Benefits of being Vigilant with Integrity - Ethical way of career building
» How to organize a Meeting, Host a meeting, Communicate and absorb key notes.
» How to build your career?
» How to attend Interview?
» Best way to make your performance realized
» Make your presence felt
» How to send/ reply Business emails?
» How to start and finish a document?
» What a project oriented company expects from you?
» How to realized you are being over used/ exploited?
» Confidence and Presenting yourself
» Communicate specific message
» How to rate and place your self in an organisation?
» Build strategic relationships that strengthen performance and achieve company goals

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