Industrial Cyber Security Training

Industrial Cyber Security

  • Basics of Ind. Cyber Security¬†
  • Purdue Model and Life Cycle
  • ICS Protocols and Tools
  • Network and System Components
  • CS Standards and Requirements
  • Vulnerability and Threat Analysis
  • Ind. Cyber Security Management

Code Course Title & Description Classroom Format Duration  e-Classroom Format Duration
ICS-01 Basics of Industrial Cyber Security.
(Awareness Program)
1 X 6 Hours 2 X 3 hours
ICS-02 Industrial Protocols and Tools 2 X 8 Hours 4 X 3 Hours
ICS-03 Defense & Layered Approach to Cyber Security 1 X 6 Hours 2 X 3 hours
ICS-04 ICS Cyber Security Standards (ISA-99/IEC 62443, NISTSP 800-82) 1 X 6 Hours 2 X 3 Hours
ICS-05 ICSM - Industrial Cyber Security Management 2 X 8 Hours 4 X 3 Hours

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